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Connect Epic is Awesome! Jaree has the gift of connecting people! The Guest Tour positioned me as the “go to gal” for Marriage & Relationship Coaching, and created quite a buzz about my book, Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less! It hit #1 on Amazon in Relationships and the Guest Tour definitely contributed to the media blitz on launch day! Jaree knows EXACTLY how to craft a Guest Introduction so that both parties immediately understand the value each other provides without having to do any research or send a dozen emails. Connect EPIC makes it simple to just say “HELLO & BOOK ME!” Some of these connections turned into friendship which led to collaborations/JV’s on subsequent projects! Connect Epic provides an invaluable service as connections can become life and business changing relationships!!

Susie Albert Miller, MA, MDiv

Author, Speaker, Coach, susiemiller.com

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Connect EPIC found me top notch podcasts to be featured on in connection with my book launch! It was such a pleasure working with Jaree and her team. The personal touch was great and we were truly on the same page the whole time. I highly recommend you work with her! Connect EPIC can save you a ton of time and increase your success rate exponentially! Jaree can help you connect with the right people to help you stand out and grow your business. Her network is busting with top-quality people looking to form relevant, mutually-beneficial relationships. She’s a rock star! I highly recommend working with her to help you connect with the right people to grow your business!

Nick Pavlidis

Author, Speaker, Ghostwriter, nickpavlidis.com