Hi, I am Jaree Freeman, a serial Entrepreneur, Connector & the CEO/Founder of Connect EPIC– a platform to Standout, Build Your Network & Increase Income – FASTER!

In my spare time I am also a Wife, Mom, Big Dog Owner, Water Lover & Traveler. My mission is to CONNECT as many people as possible with amazing opportunities, information and people. Nearly three decades in Sales, Marketing & Promotions enabled me to understand that you must standout to maximize your earnings. Transitioning to online business, I saw a huge hurdle for entrepreneurs & small businesses to Standout without the face to face opportunities traditional business provides.

People jump online & don’t realize all the mistakes they are making. Not everyone has a writing background like I do so they haven’t spent decades analyzing their written communication and applying that to sales and promotion. There are so many little things you can do that will elevate you above the competition.

People don’t know what they don’t know. That’s why we created our Course & Community. Seeing REAL examples & getting feedback of what to do, and what not to do ONLINE is a real game changer. Implementing even 1 thing from our Course could make the difference between crickets and people racing to buy from you. You no longer have to be from the right family, go to the right school or work for the right company. You can now Fast Track with Connect EPIC!

At a certain point though you need more eyeballs. PR provides that, but traditional firms are expensive and slow. To bridge that gap, I provided a White Glove service for PR through Podcasting but had more business than I could handle. Being an entrepreneur I didn’t want to turn money down just because I couldn’t duplicate myself. After a ton of work I finally created a model that married our White Glove service with scalable offerings for Guest Search. Whether you want to Be or Find a Guest – Connect EPIC is your Go To source for Guest Search & Tours.


Connect Epic offers easy access to be a Guest on Podcasts, Blogs & Articles to Grow your Business!


I am psyched that everything we offer – our Course, Community, Sponsorship and Guest Search – helps you to Standout, Build Your Network & Increase Income – Faster!!

Reach out and let me know what you are looking for. If we aren’t able to help you at Connect EPIC, I bet we know someone who can. ;o)